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Main fault of vacuum cleaner motor

Classification:Industry information Release time:2022-12-16 100

Main fault problems of vacuum cleaner motor:

1、 Fever phenomenon

Generally, when the motor is heated, the exhaust gas temperature will obviously overheat. Even if the motor temperature is too high, it will lead to internal smoke or fire, which will cause the insulation of the motor winding to burn, and cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the motor heating problem. The following is to analyze the cause of the fault and the treatment measures:

Blockage of accessories: there are foreign matters at the hose, suction nozzle or interface, such as paper balls, which cause blockage. The air inside the equipment is not circulated, resulting in that the external low temperature gas cannot enter the equipment. The motor cannot be cooled and the temperature is too high. It is necessary to timely check whether the equipment is blocked, timely clean up the blockage inside the equipment, and maintain the ventilation of the filter pipeline and air inlet and outlet.

2、 Blockage of filter dust separator

The failure of the ash cleaning system or the ash discharge system, the thick ash on the surface of the dust filter bag or the dust collection room, or the dust and sundries have filled the dust and sundries, resulting in the low air circulation inside the equipment, the low suction of the equipment, the increased power of the motor, and the overheating due to the lack of timely cooling. Maintain the ash cleaning system or ash discharge system of the industrial dust collector, maintain a stable ash cleaning cycle and ash discharge. If the filter bag or filter cartridge is used for a long time, clean or replace the filter bag and filter cartridge in time.

3、 Internal damage of the machine

The motor rotor is damaged, and the brush and commutator are worn, resulting in excessive spark, resulting in overheating of the motor. Repair and replace the brush or motor.

4、 Long-term overload use

The continuous use of the industrial vacuum cleaner is too long, which exceeds the specified continuous use time of the equipment. In this case, the operation should be stopped in time, and the equipment can be used only after the normal temperature is restored.