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How the brushless motor works

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1. The positive power line of the Hall sensor in the motor, namely the red line, is generally connected to 5-12v DC, mostly 5V. Hall's signal line transmits the position of the magnetic steel in the brushless motor relative to the coil. According to the three Hall's signal controllers, we can know how to supply power to the motor coil at this time. That is to say, the Hall state is different, and the current direction of the coil is different.

2. Hall signal is transmitted to the controller. The controller supplies power to the motor coil through the motor phase line. The brushless motor phase line is thick wire, not Hall wire. When the motor rotates, the magnetic steel rotates with the coil. Hall senses a new position signal. The thick wire of the controller supplies power to the motor coil by changing the current direction again. The motor continues to rotate, which is electronic phase change. To be precise, it is a coil wound on the stator, and Hall is generally installed on the stator.

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