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Application of DC brushless motor in household appliances

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In the era of massive energy consumption, the world is advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. When it comes to energy conservation, DC brushless motor has great advantages. Under the same power, it can achieve a great degree of energy conservation.

Brushless DC motor combines the advantages of AC motor and DC motor. It not only has a series of advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance of AC motor, but also has the characteristics of high operating efficiency, good speed regulation performance of DC motor, and no excitation loss. Compared with other motors, brushless motor has many advantages, such as high reliability, excellent speed regulation performance and so on. And with the improvement of the performance of new permanent magnet materials, the cost of brushless DC motor will be reduced, and this advantage will be more obvious.

1. System structure of DC brushless motor

The brushless DC motor of Suzhou Gram Technology(motor) Co., LTD. has many remarkable characteristics, such as large capacity range, multiple voltage types, large low-frequency torque, high precision operation, higher efficiency than traditional DC motor, wide speed range, high overload capacity, large volume elasticity, large rotational speed elasticity, and can be designed as an external rotor motor with good braking characteristics. Four quadrant operation can be selected, allowing high frequency and fast start without burning the motor, The installation size of the general product is the same as that of the general asynchronous motor, which is easy for technical transformation.

2. Advantages of brushless DC motor

The difference between brushless DC motor and brush DC motor is that the brush motor adopts mechanical commutation, which has short service life, high noise, electric spark generation and low efficiency. The carbon brush is seriously worn and easily damaged after long-term use. At the same time, a large amount of carbon dust is generated from the wear, which falls into the bearing and accelerates the drying of the bearing oil and further increases the noise of the motor. The carbon brush in the brush motor needs to be replaced when it is used continuously for a certain time. Brushless motor replaces mechanical commutation with electronic commutation. It has no mechanical friction, no wear, no electric spark, no maintenance and can be more sealed, so it is technically superior to brushless motor.