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Advantages and disadvantages of brushless motor

Classification:Common Problem Release time:2022-10-26 120

1、 Advantages of brushless motor:

1. High efficiency.

2. Small size.

3. It is a static motor with low no-load current.

4. The electronic commutation replaces the traditional mechanical commutation. It has reliable performance, no wear, low failure rate, and its service life is about 6 times longer than that of the brush motor. It represents the development direction of electric vehicles.

2、 Disadvantages of brushless DC motor

1. There is slight vibration when starting at low speed. If the speed increases and the commutation frequency increases, the vibration will not be felt.

2. It is more laborious to ride on foot, which is the combination of electric drive and pedal assistance.

3. It is easy to form resonance. Everything has a natural vibration frequency. If the vibration frequency of the brushless motor is the same or close to the vibration frequency of the frame or plastic parts, it is easy to form resonance, but the resonance can be reduced to a certain extent by adjustment. Therefore, it is a normal phenomenon that electric vehicles driven by brushless motors sometimes emit a buzzing sound.

4. High price, high controller requirements.

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