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The reason why the brushless DC motor cannot start

Classification:Common Problem Release time:2022-10-26 93

Brushless DC motors are more and more widely used. We often encounter the problem that we can't start when we use them. Follow the operating instructions. How can we still not start?

1. Missing power supply

For example, the power switch is not closed properly, the front fuse is blown, the fuse of the main circuit or control circuit of the motor is blown, the power controller such as the contactor fails, and the line wire is broken or loose.

Treatment method: starting from the front fuse, gradually check the wires and components of the main circuit and control circuit of the motor, find out the cause and repair.

2. Motor fault

The brush is badly worn, stuck, and the spring pressure is not enough, which causes poor contact between the brush and the commutator, the armature winding is disconnected, the excitation winding is disconnected, and there is no residual magnetism.

Treatment method: disconnect the power supply, check the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator piece and the resistance at both ends of each winding with the resistance gear of the multimeter. If the resistance value is large, it indicates that the fault exists. Further inspection shall be carried out to find out the breakpoint and repair it.

3. Mechanical failure

The mechanical equipment or transmission mechanism of the motor is jammed, and the starting load is too heavy.

Treatment method: cut off the power supply immediately and find out the mechanical fault.

The above are the reasons why the brushless DC motor can't start. We checked the above problems before use. If it still can't start after inspection, we should not repair it by ourselves. We should directly find professional technicians to repair it to prevent improper maintenance from causing greater failure.