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How to distinguish dry motor from wet motor?

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In the vacuum cleaner, the motor can be said to be the heart, which directly determines the performance parameters of the vacuum cleaner. The selection of the suction motor is more critical in the design of the vacuum cleaner. Which motors are usually used in the design of vacuum cleaners?

There are probably the following types of motors in the vacuum cleaner: brush motor and brushless motor. These two types of motors have dry motor and dry and wet motor respectively.

How to distinguish the two motors in appearance?

Brushless motor: normal brush motor will have a protruding structure on both sides in appearance. Brushless motor is compact in appearance, neat in appearance, and has no leakage of redundant structure. The obvious difference should be that there is a circuit board integrated on the motor.

How to distinguish dry motor from wet motor?

It can be seen from the appearance features that there is a circle of holes on the metal cover of the general appearance, and this kind of motor is generally used for both wet and dry. The hole on the metal cover is used to drain the water sucked into the motor impeller out of the motor through the air flow.

There is a suction motor in the vacuum cleaner. The drive shaft between them extends out of the motor. This motor is called a long-shaft motor. Its exposed long shaft is designed to drive the rolling brush of the floor brush.

In order to fix the motor in the machine, a fixing hole is designed at the bottom of the metal shell of the motor. The shape of the hole generally includes waist hole and round hole. The fixing holes are usually two symmetrical holes to prevent the motor from deflection during operation.

In addition to selecting the appropriate power, it is important to know the purpose of the machine to be designed.

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