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What is DC power supply?

Classification:Common Problem Release time:2022-10-26 95

What is DC power supply? Devices that can make a constant current in the circuit, such as dry batteries, batteries, DC generators, are called DC power supplies. In the range of 24V voltage, it is also called 24V DC power supply. 24V DC power supply has been widely used in all walks of life.

With the continuous development and progress of agricultural science and technology, the demand for high-voltage electrostatic power supply in agricultural scientific research and agricultural engineering application practice has increased year by year, and many new requirements have been put forward for its precision, performance, specification, variety, type, volume, intelligent operation and other aspects.

1. The precision is not high. The ordinary brush motor is directly connected to the power supply and can only output the rated speed, which can not achieve speed regulation.

2. The traditional carbon brush will produce sparks when it runs at high speed, and there will be safety hazards when it is used in some special occasions. Moreover, the service life of the carbon brush is only about 2000 hours, and it needs frequent replacement, which is troublesome to maintain.

3. Ordinary brushless DC motor has a single type, one model corresponds to one power, and the size cannot be changed, so it is necessary to change the scheme or use other types of motor. Many of the above do not adapt to the rapid development of agricultural production level. So it is only a matter of time before ordinary brushless DC motors are eliminated.

The 24V brushless motor has all the advantages of the brushless motor, such as small size, large torque, high speed, can be connected to the battery, and has many new features required for the production of new agricultural technology.

1. Accuracy: 24V brushless motor is equipped with a driver, which can achieve precise control like servo motor and stepper motor. After two times of development, it can also achieve multi-mode automatic production.

2. Performance: 24V brushless motor can achieve 1500-20000 rpm precise setting, and the torque is larger than that of ordinary brushless DC motor.

3. Category: 24V brushless motor can use several different size and type schemes at the same power, which can meet the needs of customers for different equipment installation, and can also match several mainstream reducers on the market, micro reducers, planetary reducers, RV reducers and straight-angle reducers.

4. Volume: 24V brushless motor is 30% smaller than brushless motor at the same power.

5. Intelligent operation: Because the 24V brushless motor is equipped with a driver, it can realize the integration of forward and reverse rotation, speed regulation and communication, and truly achieve electromechanical integration.