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What are the cooling energy media of brushless motor

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During the energy conversion of the DC brushless motor, a small part of the loss is converted into heat, which needs to be continuously dissipated through the motor shell and surrounding media. This process of heat dissipation is called cooling, the gas or liquid medium that transmits heat.

The cooling medium movement is related to the speed of the brushless DC motor, or due to the role of the rotor itself, or the role of the integral fan or pump dragged by the rotor, to promote the medium movement. The gas or liquid medium whose temperature is lower than that of a part of a DC brushless motor contacts with the part and takes away the heat it emits.

The media movement is driven by an independent component installed on the DC brushless motor. The power required by this component is independent of the speed of the host machine, such as the backpack fan or fan.

The gas or liquid medium with temperature lower than the primary cooling medium will take away the heat released by the primary cooling medium through the outer surface or cooler of the DC brushless motor, such as the external independent component drive.

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