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How to avoid blocking of DC motor

Classification:Common Problem Release time:2022-10-26 102

DC motor is one of the motors with good performance and is widely used by users. The equipment will have problems after being used for a period of time, and the DC motor is no exception, especially when the DC motor is blocked. How to avoid blocking of DC motor?

1. Ensure safe operation of key equipment

The catalyst shall be injected according to a certain proportion, and the injection stop time shall not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the melt viscosity and product quality will be reduced. In order to ensure the smooth operation of DC motor, some guarantee measures should be taken.

2. Replace lubricating oil and wear parts regularly

Moving parts usually include worm, worm gear, slide block, new piston, etc. The wear of these components will lead to the reduction of motor flow or the failure to measure at all. Therefore, replace these components in time after they are found to be worn.

3. Strict operation procedures

During startup, ensure that the motor is started at zero output. When there is a certain pressure at the outlet of the DC motor, nitrogen can be filled into the regulator plate to avoid rupture of the diaphragm.

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