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Wiring method of brushless motor

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There are 3 coil leads and 5 Hall leads of brushless motor. These 8 wires need to correspond with the corresponding leads of controller one by one, otherwise the motor cannot rotate normally.

Generally speaking, the brushless motors with 60 degrees and 120 degrees phase angles need to be driven by the corresponding brushless controllers with 60 degrees and 120 degrees phase angles. The controllers with the two phase angles cannot be directly interchanged. There are two kinds of correct wiring for the 8 wires connected to the 60 degree phase angle brushless motor and the 60 degree phase angle controller, one is forward rotation and the other is reverse rotation.

For a brushless motor with a 120 degree phase angle, by adjusting the phase sequence of the coil lead and the phase sequence of the Hall lead, the correct wiring of the eight wires connected to the motor and the controller can be six kinds, three of which are connected to the motor forward rotation, and the other three are connected to the motor reverse rotation. If the brushless motor reverses, it indicates that the phase angle between the brushless controller and the brushless motor is matched. The direction of the motor can be adjusted in this way, and the A and C of the Hall lead of the brushless motor and the brushless controller can be exchanged for wiring; At the same time, exchange the wiring between the brushless motor and the main phase lines A and B of the brushless controller. There are 36 ways to connect three thinner Hall phase lines and three thicker motor winding phase lines with the controller.

One of the simple methods for electric vehicle accessories is to test each state one by one. The wire can be replaced with electricity, but it should be careful and orderly. The angle of each rotation of the speed control knob should not be too large, so as not to damage the controller. If the motor shakes or has large noise and other abnormal phenomena, it indicates that the state is wrong. If the motor of electric vehicle accessories is reversed in a certain state, and the controller wire sequence is known, the motor can be rotated forward as long as the Hall wires a and b of the controller are interchanged, and the motor winding phase lines A and B are interchanged.

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